Sweden: 70 YEAR OLD Woman Prosecuted For Complaining About Migrants Defecating In The Streets

According to the prosecution, the woman via Facebook wrote disparagingly of people with a foreign background.

In a post from 2015, she has written that immigrants “set cars on fire and urinate and defecate in the streets.”

This violates the law on incitement to racial hatred, according to the prosecutor.

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Professor Says Pro-life Fetal Images Are Child Pornography

Professor Says Pro-life Fetal Images Are Child Pornography

The new argument a professor is making out of Purdue University is not only confusing and contradicting but doesn’t even help to support his Pro-choice agenda. Dr. David Sanders now accuses a pro-choice organization of “child pornography” for using images of dead fetuses as a rhetorical device during a debate at Purdue University. Who thinks to consider the images of an unborn child as pornographic? Who thinks to make a connection between child pornography and the preservation of life? Dr. David Sanders does and perhaps didn’t even think that by doing so he would support the Pro-life argument because he didn’t call it “fetus or zygote pornography”, he called it child.

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Europe’s Migrant Rape Crisis

The stories coming out of Europe over the last two years (since the civil war started in Syria) of sexual assaults by “migrants” have been utterly mind-boggling.

The take over of Europe by Muslim men and the subsequent rise in sexual assault and rape has been staggering.

You won’t find stories of these atrocities on the main stream nightly news programs.

And the average American has no idea.

This article from Infowars is just a sampling of the ridiculousness of treating these criminals with kid gloves. Probably for fear of OFFENDING their “guests.”

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